07 January 2011

Letters Artifacts

Just for fun, here are some artifacts from Letters.

Krause's Luger pistol, manufactured 1900
(see Narrative 42, Baisers de Vierge):

Mr. Westley's meerschaum pipe
(see Letter 48, The Apple):

More to come . . .

15 April 2010

If I were casting director for a Letters feature film ...

Look, I know it's a pipe dream--that's what's so fun about it. If I could cast a movie version of Letters, these fine British, Irish and French actors would be my first choices:

Maisie Bristow: Felicity Jones

Adeline Westley: Andrea Riseborough

Stuart Hill: Matthew Goode

Peter Bristow: Jim Sturgess

Vaughn Rousseau: Gaspard Ulliel

Mr. Krause: Eddie Redmayne

James Murphy: Hugh Dancy

Julien Fortescue: Cyril Mourali

Brighid Murphy - Saoirse Ronan

Elyse Westley - Monica Bellucci

That is all for now--I am sure I will come up with more, and post them when I do. In the meantime, whom would YOU cast in these roles? Let us know!

26 January 2010

Ribbon Cutting

This is the first post, so I hope you will forgive some little explanation. We created this blog as a companion to Letters, our novel-in-progress-on-a-blog. There are so many things related to Letters that we wanted to post, but didn't feel the blog was the appropriate place. So we created a place--and here it is. If you are friends of ours, or if you like our little blog/novel, you may from time to time enjoy the little tidbits, stories, and fun extras that will appear here. We are also very excited to show our gratitude to our many friends and supporters in the blogosphere by displaying links to their most excellent and worthy blogs. Explanation over. Welcome to Letters Lore.

- Michelle & Liz